Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Weekend Part 3

Little detour on our way to the Cleveland Westside Market... 
A lovely little winery in Akron, OH

So this was the first full day in Ohio. So much fun! After a 7 1/2 hour car ride, no sleep and scotch and wine for breakfast, we finally headed out to explore! First stop was a winery in Akron. And the best part... There were goats! It was on a small farm and the goats were right there with you. So awesome!

We didn't end up seeing Joan Jett but we did go to the cleveland market! I went a little crazy with the veggies. I got some beautiful figs, asparagus, pineapple, blackberries, olives, spices, corn and a few other lovelies.

After the market we got some vegan pizza at a place called Town Hall. It was perfect. Flat crust, nice and crispy. We got an order of truffle fries (sans Parmesan) and an order of yuka fries. Just about everything on the menu is already vegan or can easily be made vegan. I definitely recommend this place. We got the food to go but the place itself was super cool and had the greatest outdoor space with big huge doors they open to being the outside in.

The rest of Saturday consisted of boat rides, good people, good beer and a boat side restaurant and bar called Shooters. 

Sunday morning consisted of fresh figs from the market, coffee, mimosas. We woke up on the boat and immediately hit the water. Nothing like it! Side note, I can't stress sunscreen enough! I got pretty burned :-/

I've been using these amazing Lush products to help. 

But, Lake Erie is amazing! 

When lunch time rolled around we hit up a cute little place called Happy Dog. Vegan hot dogs with all the fixins!

I highly recommend this place. We took food to go but the establishment itself is super spiffy. The staff was so nice too!!
Oh! Did I mention they had tater tots?!

The rest of Sunday was hanging out on the boat then a drive around the city. Such a cool place! Lots of great bars, restaurants and shops. The neighborhoods were beautiful and had a great, friendly vibe. There were a bunch if little mom and pop restaurants nestled in between the houses but in a classy, cool way. We stopped for dinner at Barrio an got a bunch of vegan tacos and guac.

Our weekend was completed with the movie Casino at our friend Bryan's house. However, not one of us made it to the middle of the movie! 

Plans always change and originally we decided to have a cook out with the veggies but we ended up wanting to hang out on the boat more. Breakfast for us was always fruit. Bananas, berries, figs... It's a lot of fun exploring new vegan restaurants though! My favorite site:

That was our Memorial Day vacation! Just a long weekend in Ohio packed with awesome people and great vegan food! Next month we're headed off to the  Thousand Islands in upstate NY and over to Canada for a few days!